Modifications to STARC Constitution and Bylaws Approved

As announced, STARC members voted by email and mail-in ballots and in person at the November START meeting to update STARC's Constitution and Bylaws.   All four proposed  modifications were voted on individually, and all four modifications were approved.  The approved changes will help STARC to continue to operate on a regular basis, while acknowledging that it is not always possible for members to attend every single meeting.

The approved changes to the Constitution and Bylaws are as follows:    

  • Modifying Article IV to define a meeting quotrum as 10% of active members.
  • Modifying Article VIII to amend constitution or by-laws by 2/3 of active vote participants, allowing for voting to take place in-person at the specified meeting, or via proxy ballot submitted by either email or postal mail
  • Modifying STARC bylaws definition of Active Membership to remove the requirement to attend 9 meetings per year
  • Modifying STARC bylaws definition of Associate Membership to allow associate members the right to vote

We hope these changes will help STARC to continue to grow and operate more effectively going forward.  We would like to thank everyone for their participation!   We will update the website with these modifications shortly.

Originally posted by Jason Garneau – STARC Treasurer on 2016-11-21

Author: STARC Admin

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