ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) is the ARRL’s national organization of first responders. During a local, state, or national emergency, licensed Amateur Radio Operators who are ARES members volunteer their services when normal communications services are over-loaded or disrupted.

Under the long-standing ARRL/Red Cross Memorandum of Understanding, ARES operators provide communications services at emergency shelters, distribution points, hospitals, and Emergency Operations Centers within and outside of the areas involved in the emergency.

The Vermont ARES Members website contains much useful information.

We would like to invite all ARES members as well as other Amateur Radio Operators to join the Vermont Emergency Phone Net on Sunday morning at 0800 local on 3.976 MHz. The net has been running for over 30 years and we can make it anything that we need it to be.
More ARES information is available at the ARRL website.

ARES operations are encouraged by the ARRL while RACES operations in Vermont are invoked by Vermont Emergency Management.