Message from Mitch W1SJ about HAM-CON 2016

” Everyone,

We had a wonderful time at HAM-CON 2016 last weekend. I've made available links to some of the presentations at the show. I also have videos of two of the presentations. They are not great productions, as we don't have staff to man the camera, but you should get a good idea what was going on. There are also links to Convention pictures and some of the pre-show interviews on broadcast radio. I know that there are folks who could not make it out to the show, and even those who attended who were tied up with other show activities. Depending on how things work out, I hope to do more of this in the future.

If you view any of these links, please drop me a line at the above address and let me know if the material was useful to you. The links can be found at the RANV Web (in the large light blue box):

I have a few copies of the Vermont Amateur Radio Directory left. If you would like one mailed to you, please send $6 via Paypal to my address above and I'll get you a copy.

I have two classes coming up in April. For those of you in southern Vermont, I have a class on April 16 (Tech) and April 17 (General) in Manchester, NH. The following week is April 23 (Tech) and April 24 (General) in Essex Junction. Details and enrollment forms are at or call me at 802-879-6589. Go out get folks to get their license!

I'm currently processing the logs for the Vermont QSO Party and the results will be posted in 3 days time at

As we leave the winter months beyond, amateur radio activities will slow up for a while. In May, I will be looking for hams to help out communications for the Vermont City Marathon, the largest Ham Radio public service event in Vermont. And then June brings Field Day and we will all be busy getting ready for that. I will fade into the background with these E-mails, only to emerge next year when things get busy again. Have a nice Spring! “

73 de STARC

Originally posted by Mike Gladu – STARC Technical Advisor on 2016-03-07

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