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Jay Peak Repeater Update

Tuesday, October 11, 2016:

Arn Benjamin, N1ARN
STARC President

Last Saturday, October 8th, STARC Members replaced the inside dual-band antenna at the Jay Peak repeater site.  Future plans are in place to install the antenna on the roof top at a later date when the tram is back in operation and weather permits. 

Many thanks go out to N1FBZ-Mike, KB1JME-David and W1EAM-Alan for all of their hard work!

September 2016 Meeting Notes

Monday, October 03, 2016:

Jason Garneau, K1LOL
STARC Treasurer / Webmaster

STARC would like to thank everyone who attended the September monthly meeting.  Some of the items discussed included the following:

  • The STARC Repeater team is looking into making a trip to the summit of Jay Peak on the weekend of October 8th to attempt repeater repairs.  This may include mounting of the new replacement antenna, depending on weather.
  • The current STARC bylaws were discussed.  Specifically, we are looking to redefine the definition of a quorum to better meet the needs for our standard club activities.
  • Discussion on repeater basics and assisting a member with programming of a new mobile setup

Our next meeting will take place on Thursday, October 27th at 7:30pm at the St. Albans VFW.  We look forward to seeing you there.

New website features!

Monday, September 19, 2016:

Jason Garneau, K1LOL
STARC Treasurer / Webmaster

STARC has added three new items to our website's Amateur Radio Dashboard - available on the right-hand side of the STARC website homepage.   These new features include:

  • ARRL News highlights - Get the latest Amateur Radio news, right from the ARRL
  • Upcoming Contest List - Stay up-to-date on upcoming contests taking place around the world
  • DX's DXpedition Calendar - All of the latest DXpedition news can be found right here

We are always looking for additional ways to make the STARC website more useful for our members and the amateur radio community.  If you have any suggestions for additional content or features, please contact us at  

STARC Upcoming Meeting Schedule

Saturday, September 17, 2016:

Jason Garneau, K1LOL
STARC Treasurer / Webmaster

STARC looks forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming monthly meetings. Everyone, licensed or non-licensed, members or non-members, are encouraged to attend.

The STARC meeting schedule for the next couple of months is as follows:

  • September meeting: Thursday, September 29th - 7:30pm
  • October meeting: Thursday, October 27th - 7:30pm

All meetings take place at the St. Albans VFW located at 353 Lake Road, St Albans, VT.

STARC Summer Hamfest 8/13/16

Saturday, August 20, 2016:

Michael Gladu, N1FBZ
STARC Technical Advisor

STARC would like to thank everyone that braved the rainy weather today and came to our hamfest. We had a pretty decent turn out with much ARO conversation and items given out for door prizes. Some of the lucky winners were Horace N1HC, Dan N1FYL, Jake KC1FZY, and Tony WA2LRE. If you did not happen to make it to the hamfest, you missed an enjoyable time. We look forward to seeing you again next year, seeing you at one of our club meetings, or talking with you on one of the STARC sponsored repeaters or perhaps on HF.


73 de STARC

PS: Big THANKS goes to Chuck KB1RQX for the pictures.


Friday, April 29, 2016:

Arn Benjamin, N1ARN
STARC President


  1. Attend STARC Monthly Meetings.
  2. Check into Thursday Night Net's On STARC 2m 145.230 pl.100 or 70cm 443.400 pl.162.2 repeaters @ 7 PM.
  3. Join or Renew Your STARC Membership.
  4. If you're a Non-Amateur Operator and Visit a Monthly Meeting you will receive a chance to win - and if you do - "The Franklin County W5YI Team" will give you a "FREE TEST SESSION" for your "Technician Class License".

The drawing will be held at the "STARC Holiday Party" on December 15th. 
There are many opportunities and chances to win. The more you participate, the more chances you have to win. We are looking forward to seeing or hearing you on the air, or meeting you at one of our monthly meetings! Spread the word to your Amateur Operator friends!

73, and Good Luck 
N1ARN-Arn STARC President

Franklin County's newest and only IRLP repeater - now on the air!

Friday, April 29, 2016:

Jason Garneau, K1LOL
STARC Treasurer / Webmaster

STARC President Arn Benjamin (N1ARN) is now operating a new IRLP-based Inbeded Node from his QTH in Sheldon Springs, Vermont. The N1ARN Node is connected to the East Coast Reflector (9050), a well-established network of IRLP-connected repeaters that spans across the USA:

  • Repeater Callsign: N1ARN
  • Frequency: 147.570 - Simplex
  • PL Tone: 67Hz
  • IRLP Node: 8023

Repeater Coverage area: Majority of Franklin County, VT as well as parts of Quebec along the border of VT from Alburgh to Richford.

STARC Repeater Directory

The W5YI Franklin County VT Volunteer Examiner Team offers Technician Class Exam Sessions.
If you would like to schedule a Technician exam, contact W5YI CVE - Arnold Benjamin - N1ARN:
Telephone: (802)-309-0666
Or email:


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