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CORRECTION - STARC Holiday Party - FRIDAY, December 16th - 6:00pm

Tuesday, November 22, 2016:

Jason Garneau, K1LOL
STARC Treasurer / Webmaster


The December STARC meeting and Holiday Party will be held on FRIDAY, December 16th at 6:00pm.  The holiday party is free to attend, although we ask that you try to bring a dish or food item to share.  

All meetings take place at the St. Albans VFW located at 353 Lake Road, St Albans, VT.



Modifications to STARC Constitution and Bylaws Approved

Monday, November 21, 2016:

Jason Garneau, K1LOL
STARC Treasurer / Webmaster

As announced, STARC members voted by email and mail-in ballots and in person at the November START meeting to update STARC's Constitution and Bylaws.  All four proposed modifications were voted on individually, and all four modifications were approved.  The approved changes will help STARC to continue to operate on a regular basis, while acknowledging that it is not always possible for members to attend every single meeting.

The approved changes to the Constitution and Bylaws are as follows:  

  • Modifying Article IV to define a meeting quotrum as 10% of active members.
  • Modifying Article VIII to amend constitution or by-laws by 2/3 of active vote participants, allowing for voting to take place in-person at the specified meeting, or via proxy ballot submitted by either email or postal mail
  • Modifying STARC bylaws definition of Active Membership to remove the requirement to attend 9 meetings per year
  • Modifying STARC bylaws definition of Associate Membership to allow associate members the right to vote

We hope these changes will help STARC to continue to grow and operate more effectively going forward.  We would like to thank everyone for their participation!  We will update the website with these modifications shortly.

Jay Peak Repeater Update

Tuesday, October 11, 2016:

Arn Benjamin, N1ARN
STARC President

Last Saturday, October 8th, STARC Members replaced the inside dual-band antenna at the Jay Peak repeater site.  Future plans are in place to install the antenna on the roof top at a later date when the tram is back in operation and weather permits. 

Many thanks go out to N1FBZ-Mike, KB1JME-David and W1EAM-Alan for all of their hard work!


Friday, April 29, 2016:

Arn Benjamin, N1ARN
STARC President


  1. Attend STARC Monthly Meetings.
  2. Check into Thursday Night Net's On STARC 2m 145.230 pl.100 or 70cm 443.400 pl.162.2 repeaters @ 7 PM.
  3. Join or Renew Your STARC Membership.
  4. If you're a Non-Amateur Operator and Visit a Monthly Meeting you will receive a chance to win - and if you do - "The Franklin County W5YI Team" will give you a "FREE TEST SESSION" for your "Technician Class License".

The drawing will be held at the "STARC Holiday Party" on December 15th. 
There are many opportunities and chances to win. The more you participate, the more chances you have to win. We are looking forward to seeing or hearing you on the air, or meeting you at one of our monthly meetings! Spread the word to your Amateur Operator friends!

73, and Good Luck 
N1ARN-Arn STARC President

Franklin County's newest and only IRLP repeater - now on the air!

Friday, April 29, 2016:

Jason Garneau, K1LOL
STARC Treasurer / Webmaster

STARC President Arn Benjamin (N1ARN) is now operating a new IRLP-based Inbeded Node from his QTH in Sheldon Springs, Vermont. The N1ARN Node is connected to the East Coast Reflector (9050), a well-established network of IRLP-connected repeaters that spans across the USA:

  • Repeater Callsign: N1ARN
  • Frequency: 147.570 - Simplex
  • PL Tone: 67Hz
  • IRLP Node: 8023

Repeater Coverage area: Majority of Franklin County, VT as well as parts of Quebec along the border of VT from Alburgh to Richford.

STARC Repeater Directory

The W5YI Franklin County VT Volunteer Examiner Team offers Technician Class Exam Sessions.
If you would like to schedule a Technician exam, contact W5YI CVE - Arnold Benjamin - N1ARN:
Telephone: (802)-309-0666
Or email:


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